Hard Work

I have met a lot of business owners over the years, some I’ve worked for (rarely with success), most I’ve worked with and some I have just watched with admiration from afar — or made efforts to try and work with them.

Without exception the business owners I have admired the most are the ones that have worked hard. I have heard a lot of guff over the years from people that have talked about ‘working smarter rather than harder’ but hand on heart is not working as hard as you can work really working smarter?

Over the years I have made considerable investment in my team, my company’s equipment, in learning, in travel, in brand image and marketing, I have endured working relationships I wish I hadn’t and forged alliances I know I’ll enjoy for years to come. All of these things required incredible amounts of hardwork to bring about and in 20 years that level of work has never got easier. That said, if I’d have had a job would I have expected my day to day workload to get easier as time went on? And if it had would I have enjoyed that?

It’s kind of like that phrase that say’s ‘Happiness is the journey and not the destination’, it’s the same for business. It’s the process that’s the important bit, you can try to doggedly chase down a destination, armed with the dream of an exit strategy but it’s not a given, there’s always outside influences, competition or a change in the wind direction. Don’t sweat it, enjoy the hard work because whilst some people will tell you that you work too hard, you know that this is the only way.

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